DM Bootcamp

EPS DM Bootcamp

A Coaching Program For Retail District Managers

Because Coaches Produce Better Results

Are your District Mangers Coaches or Retail Inspectors?

Is DM time spent fighting fires
or coaching fire prevention?

District Managers are trained in operational excellence. District Managers are not trained on how to be an effective coach in achieving operational excellence through their Store Managers. The daily fires DM’s fight won’t go away, but they can be minimized with the right strategies and the proper tools.

It’s an interesting paradox: the DM position is the most important position in the company in driving store profitability, yet in many companies, the DM position is the weakest link. How is your company developing your DM’s?
The DM position is too important to ignore!

Participating Bootcamp Companies:


Between the Pandemic, Labor Shortage, and high Employee Turnover, store managers are mentally and physically exhausted. If there was ever a time when the DM Store Visit needed to be focused on coaching their store managers how to effectively navigate through these challenging times, now is that time!

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Testimonials: How did the Bootcamp make you a better DM?

“We sent 12 District Managers to the Bootcamp coaching program and we have already seen an impact in our organization from the knowledge they gained. All 12 of them have implemented time management components into their daily work. We have noticed an increase in the quantity of work and an increase in the engagement of their managers. They are spending more quality time in each location and are now tuned into finding out how they can better support their teams. Our training department is focusing on our upper retail management team this year. The Bootcamp was the catalyst to our internal program. We will build upon the knowledge and skills learned in the class. We find so much value in the program that we will be sending all new District Managers through it in their first-year.”
Katie Marzolf, VP of Human Resources, Southwest GA Oil Company
"I feel more comfortable with confrontation .I’m able to better focus my mind and prioritize my assignments. I feel more prepared to coach my employees."
Constance Barkhaus: DM-SWGA Oil
"I feel more prepared for my store visits."
Lorena Picaso, DM - Kent Oil
"I now understand how critical the DM’s jobs are."
Rob Jordan: Marketing Director - R.L. Jordan Oil
"The coaching Phycology, Rules & Techniques will help me be more effective."
Aman Singh, DM- Robinson Oil
"I now have the tools needed to get my time back during the day. Coach, not do!"
Michele Neering, DM - Bylo Oil
"This has helped me learn different ways to handle certain situations. It has also given me some tools to implement to make me productive and organized. Things to use and build a stronger team."
Brittani Williams: DM - SWGA Oil
"It has forced me to take a closer look at myself. I have plenty of room for improvement and will start working on it ASAP. "
John Lyons: DM - SWGA Oil
"This program helped me be a better coach in terms of how to handle different types of store managers on their learning ability and teach them how to be a better manager at handling employees under them."
Tony Depina: DM - Haffners Energy
"This program brought together a lot of the much needed skills, tactics and behaviors we need as operators. This will help us where it counts the most – in the store!"
Paul Mathews, DM - Newcomb Oil Company
“I have learned a great deal from Terry McKenna. He pushes accountability, work-life balance, and performance. These are concepts we preach every day.”
Rob Jordan, Marketing Director - R.L. Jordan Oil

Five DM Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Do my DM’s give my company a competitive advantage?
  2. Do my DM’s know how to develop their store managers?
  3. Are my DM’s store visits highly-productive or merely “drop-in’s” or fighting fires?
  4. Do my DM’s manage their time effectively & efficiently?
  5. Is my DM position ROI where it needs to be to outperform intense competition?

Performance Analogy:

Bootcamp Overview:

The DM Bootcamp is new and is the only program of its kind in the convenience industry. Launched in December 2021,this executive education program teaches Retail District Managers how to become highly-effective coaches in the development of their store managers, which in turn results in greater store profitability and efficiencies.  The Bootcamp includes strategies, tactics, and tools that will give DM’s the knowledge, confidence and means to more effectively manage their time and store visits, enabling them to perform and produce at a higher level.

Coaching focuses on the following job performance areas:


Coaching Store Managers in the following areas:

This is the only program of its kind for DM’s in the convenience industry, developed by an industry insider with 42-years of experience.

Bootcamp Takeaways:

  1. DM Coaching Playbook.
  2. Program binder of entire program.
  3. Four coaching models.
  4. Five coaching tools.
  5. 30-day post-Bootcamp Accountability Zoom follow-upgroup call.

Company Benefits:

  1. Greater DM ROI.
  2. A more productive DM store visit.
  3. Greater store results and efficiencies through more focused and effective store managers.
  4. A DM peer network for best practice sharing with other top-tier, progressive c-store brands.
  5. A competitive advantage for your company should your competitors not attend the Bootcamp.

Bootcamp Syllabus:

1) Direct, 2) Performance, 3) Developmental, 4) Quick-Hit

1) Sunday Weekly Planning Dashboard, 2) Store Visit Planner, 3) Post-Store Visit Assessment, 4) Performance Coaching Model Planner, 5) 90-day New Hire Retention Process

1) CSR Retention Planning Dashboard, 2) Sunday Weekly Planning Dashboard, 3) Organized Performance System, 4) CSR Transferrable Skills, 5) CSR Performance Counseling Worksheet.

This is the only program of its kind for DM’s in the convenience industry, developed by an industry insider with 42-years of experience.

Bootcamp Details:

Francis Marion Hotel

Bootcamp Location:

Francis Marion Hotel 387 King Street Charleston, SC 29403 843.722.0600
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Reserve your company’s seats today.  Class size is limited to only 75-DM’s on a first-come-first served basis.

Only one Bootcamps will be offered in 2022: December7.  Don’t be the company that misses out to your competition. Register now!

$875 Tuition has been significantly reduced to take into consideration DM travel expense.

What’s your cost of not attending?


If your DM’s leave the bootcamp without at least one actionable new idea to implement, a full refund will be paid.

Under-performing DM’s leads to underperforming store managers, leads to underperforming stores, leads to underperforming companies.

Download a complimentarily copy of:

How to Retain Your Best Employees & Reduce the Staggering Costs of Turnover.

A deep-dive, 15-chapter, 46-page educational-based brief on employee retention to reduce your employee turnover.

Employee Retention Educational Brief

Bootcamp Leader:

Terry McKenna

Terry McKenna is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, executive coach, and consultant on the topics of leadership development, human capital optimization and organizational design: people and systems.  Terry has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business School corporate training video, Benchmarking Outside the Box.

Terry is owner and founder of Employee Performance Strategies, LLC (EPS). EPS helps small to midsized organizations design their systems and people processes for greater organizational performance.  

Terry facilitates thirteen Study Groups (Board of Advisors concept) consisting of 143 small to large convenience-petroleum companies.  Terry is the author of four books: What Great Leaders Do, How to Become a High-Performance Organization, Customer Service – The Ultimate Differentiator, and, Hire the Best C-Store Employees.  Terry is the author of Terry’s Blog with over 2,600 posts (

Before launching EPS, Terry worked for ExxonMobil for seventeen years, where he led the development and implementation of a national branding-customer service strategy.  In addition, Terry led the achievement of ISO-9002 certification for customer service for convenience stores for ExxonMobil’s Singapore affiliate.

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